September 7th, 2006

kitty glass


well, i opened a successful bank account online and am very happy now, but guess what? i was under the impression that there were some washington mutual branches in dc, but alas, the only wamus in dc are HOME LOAN CENTERS.

so now i have a bank account that i can't make any deposits to. awesome. not in-person deposits, anyway. there are no branches, atms, or anything, in all of washington dc, virginia, or maryland.



ok, so i contacted them and was basically like WTF CAN I DO?!?!? and they replied telling me that they will mail me this big bank-by-mail kit containing 100 deposit slips and pre-stamped envelopes.

that's good to know.

and thank goodness they have that absolutely-free-atm thing. i don't have to pay to use any other bank's atm, but of course, there will be THAT bank's surcharge. i'll have to find a free atm somewhere in washington, dc...