September 9th, 2006

kitty glass

my weekend has been pleasant

so far this weekend:

- mike & i spent nearly $200 on groceries today!

- somehow, over the course of 3 days, we've spent nearly $500 and can't remember where it all went.

- we were going to go to the rentfest, but got sidetracked buying groceries and then mike hung out with joey.

- we drove all the way out to burtonsville (in maryland) to pick up mike's prescription (which he desperately needs) only to find that the pharmacy was closing as we walked in the door.  the lady informed us to come back at 8am tomorrow.  lovely.

- my rats love their new cage.  so much that they don't wanna come out when i speak rat languages to them.  i have to lure them out with fake bacon strips.  yes, the kind for dogs.

- tomorrow is adams morgan day.  i guess i should be excited about it because it's my neighborhood and the celebration of how awesome it is.  but all i can think about is all the assholes doing really horrible things, like throwing trash in the street and causing a lot of traffic.

- our next door neighbor decided to complain to our landlord that our a/c is leaking on his property, so we have to get rid of it, move it, or turn it off.  considering a/c's aren't generally cheap, we just turned it off.  you'd think 80 degrees would feel much cooler than this.  we're pretty hot in here right now.

- my ankles are swollen and achy and i had to put ace bandages on them today.  awesome!

that's about it, i think.
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