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today was a pretty good day overall.  i wasn't feeling anywhere near as sick as i was yesterday (*knock on wood*) and people bought me lots of treats.  no really.

this afternoon at work, my boss paid for lunch for the whole office.  so i got a pretty pricey (but not too wonderful) chicken caesar salad.  it was good for what i paid for it, though ($0!!!). 

after lunch, i came back to my desk to find a 2lb box of gourmet cookies sitting there with a note from my coworker annette!  so now i have these delicious cookies that i absolutely luuuurve.

tonight for dinner, i took a stab at making crab cakes.  my recipe was great and i made the crab cakes with the best consistancy everrrr.  BUT, mike bought indonesian (WTF) backfin crabmeat instead of whole lump, so it tasted more fishy than i'm used to.  plus, the lumps of meat were small and stringy.  but, it was wonderful regardless.  next time he'll know the difference between the cheap stuff and the eh-ok stuff.

mike is on the phone with his father and apparently at the end of october we're gonna fly out to austin, tx for his friend's wedding on his father's expense.  this is the most fabulous news.
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