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let's get phyiscal

well, i just received a call from my doctor's office reminding me not to eat for 12 hours before my phyiscal tomorrow morning so that my blood sugars are baseline.  i'm so scared, peepz.  i haven't ever had a physical!  i haven't ever had blood taken!  how terrifying is that!?  i know you're all like, "wtf how does one not get a physical or blood taken in their nearly 24 years on this planet?"  well simply put, i have really shitty parents who never took me to the doctors as a kid and i never had health insurance as an adult.

of course i've been tested for venereal diseases... i know that is 2nd on your list of WTFs.  there are ways to do that at the gynos that doesn't involve needles in arms(although it is the quickest way to get results, obviously i opted against it in the past because i'm skerred).

so, tomorrow i'm having my blood taken for the 1st time ever (in my recolection)!  i'm so freakin' scared i could pass out.  


tell me some good (not horrifying) stories about physicals, plz.

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